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Contact us for your exterior needs. We are a licensed and insured service company based in Baldwin County. 


Power Washing, Lawn Maintenance, Land Service...


Have you been looking to maintain and improve the quality of your home or commercial space?

Aggregate Maintenance is a licensed and insured exterior cleaning service provider. We use modern cleaning practices, and equipment to efficiently clean outside surfaces without damage. Through years of experience, we have mastered the needs of different outdoor surfaces. Commonly, we use our LOW-pressure Soft Washing Technique...

Land Service Equipment
Commercial Wash

Residential Services

Contact us to schedule your home, patio, drive ways, and RVs....


Commercial Services

Not only does soft washing large public or commercial sites disinfect the area for physical health, but a clean area also encourages it's residents to maintain its cleanliness (not littering, vandalism, etc. causing larger problems in the long run.

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